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Managed online backups

Quick explanation

WorldBackups' managed online backup service has been developed from the ground-up to provide online backup, storage and archival solutions to our technology partners. Not only is our technology feature-rich it is low-cost to enable Partners to run their own backup company without having to pay for or manage the underlying technology and platform.

We will store your customers' data within UK only data centres on equipment we own. We do not lease internal networks, servers or storage from anyone else.

Pricing (partner monthly total). FREE remote support using TeamViewer or RDP.

Storage (monthly prices per GB)
Up to 500GB 500GB – 1TB 1TB – 10TB
Not For Profit and Education £0.30 per GB £0.15 per GB £0.10 per GB
Corporates and SMEs £0.50 per GB £0.30 per GB £0.20 per GB
Service fee (monthly prices)
Desktop OS £2.50 (includes all agents)
Server OS £5.5 (includes all agents)

Prices are calculated on the total of all of your customers combined.
All backups are replicated to our 2nd facility

Other services
White label \ rebrand £10 per month - no limit on amount of clients View the rebrand page
Bulk import \ export using removable disks (cost for 2 disks) £50 (based on customer supplying and shipping disk(s)). £0.67 per hour loading.

Service features

  • Mature company, we are part of SC Ltd and have been providing online backups since 1999.
  • Retention periods of up-to 10 years and unlimited revisions on live and deleted backup sets.
  • Reliable. The service runs from our network located on our own infrastructure. The Service Level Agreement is 99.99% and backed by our 'real money' refund scheme.
  • Inexpensive solution offering some of the lowest priced business backup tariffs in the UK.
  • Scheduled or continuous protection for your backups.
  • Flexible technology allows you to backup to our service as well as to local NAS or USB storage devices.
  • Supports all Microsoft desktops, servers, Hyper V, SharePoint, SQL, Exchange, bare metal and disk image.
  • Rapid restoration of your data from one simple portal to your desktop or restoration back to the source machine.
  • One simple-to-use portal enables you to manage as many systems as you like from your desktop.
  • Your data is compressed before transmission by up to 90% to produce a similar reduction in your costs.
  • Intuitive email alerts and reports available to aid management.
  • Manage your clients' internet bandwidth using our in-built throttling technology.
  • Unlimited partner training.
  • Fully featured 30 day FREE trial.

If you can find a like-for-like service more competitively priced, we will match it and give you three months' free use of our service.

Agents included


  • Windows Server and desktop
  • Windows Active Directory and System State
  • Exchange mailstore
  • Exchange mailbox
  • MS SQL
  • SharePoint
  • Hyper V
  • Open file agent as standard
  • Bare metal
  • Outlook
  • MySQL


    MAC OS for PowerPCs and Intel PCs


    We know you have a business to run which is why we will remote-control onto your customers' devices to install, configure and support our software. There is no charge for this and it allows you to concentrate on running your business.


    How we protect your data

    We use non-reversible 448 bit encryption on your backups and encrypt all of your data before it leaves your premises. Backup data cannot be decrypted during transmission to our network nor can we access it without the backup password.

    Once the data arrives on our network it is stored on our fully redundant and highly available SAN storage platform. Your data is protected by RAID on our SANs and using software replication we replicate your data to another facility.

    Handling initial large backups or disaster recovery

    WorldBackups allows you to securely copy encrypted data on a customer's server to portable media. The media can be sent via courier and synced directly with our network at one of our facilities. This service is essential where large amounts of data cannot be transmitted over the internet.

    Start a 30 day fully functional trial

    Download our Windows and MAC trials from here Download trial

    Business Integration

    We have partners from many industry sectors who recognise most businesses can benefit from online backups.

    • Other online storage and backup providers
    • Cloud computing providers
    • Server and PC manufacturers
    • Software developers
    • ISPs and data centres
    • Computer network installers
    • Professional business associations
    • IT and telecoms specialists
    • Computer consultants
    • Ecommerce traders


    All data is stored in one of the Pulsant's data centres, see here.
    We will store your customers' data within UK data centres on equipment we own. We do not lease internal networks, servers or storage from anyone else


    To view all of our terms click here.


    Will my backups be secure?

    • Yes. We encrypt your data with up-to 448 bit encryption. Your data is encrypted on your device before being transmitted to our online service. No one can decrypt your data in transit or when it is stored on our servers.
    • We also replicate your backups to a separate facility within minutes of your backup completing.
    • If you want to maintain a local tangible copy of your backup, this can be done easily during or after the installation of our client. All of your backups can be configured to backup to our service and to local media or DAS on your premises.

    What can WorldBackups backup?

    • The WorldBackups client is embedded with all of the Microsoft clients you would expect, such as Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, MS SQL (all versions), SharePoint, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. You will also have access to Hyper V and Bare metal agents. There is no Microsoft system WorldBackups cannot back up.
    • WorldBackups also backs up VMware guests and MAC clients.

    Will my data remain durable at WorldBackups.net?

    • WorldBackups.net has been built from the ground up with durability in mind. Every subsystem benefits from an N+1 architecture design, meaning it cannot be affected by a single point of failure at any time on our network.
    • We also replicate your backups to a separate facility within minutes of your backup completing.

    How can I get my initial large backup into the cloud?

    • We can receive a disk off you the same day and plug it directly into our network. Once your files have been copied off your disk we can start a 'delta only' backup from your device to resume the backup.
    • We can also repeat this process should you need to get your data back quicker than you can restore over the Internet.
    • Whichever option you choose, your data will be encrypted on your removable disk at all times.

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